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If the location where your camera will be installed is liable to damage or theft, you should consider installing a vandal dome camera. A variable focal dome camera allows you to adjust the camera lens’ focal distance to exactly where you need it. CCTV Camera Pros offers combinations of all of the above types of Dome Cameras.

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The DPRO-EC550VF2 weatherproof IR dome camera offers 35 infrared LEDs for day and night surveillance. The metal ball shaped camera housing is vandal resistant. This camera can be put beneath the eve of a roof in moderate to medium climates for outdoor applications. If you need a camera that is more extensively weather proofed, we recommend the IP67 certified DPRO-AS700 vandal dome.

In the dark, the night vision / infrared feature lights up to 80 feet / 25 metres. The DPRO-EC550VF2 has a variable focal lens with a range of 2.8 to 12mm and Plus, allowing the installer to adapt the field of vision to the exact angle required for your surveillance application. The 1/3″ Color Sony Super HAD CCD sensor offers razor-sharp high resolution in colour and black-and-white at 700 lines. Please watch these sample videos to appreciate the camera’s day and night capabilities. We Provide Top CCTV Camera Installation Services in Goa.